Suck For Luck

January 2, 2012


The Colts have successfully sucked for Luck this season, though they did their best to suck at that with wins against Tennessee and Houston. Now, all they are left with is questions. Take Luck? Peyton play? Peyton trade? Pick trade? Manning neck good? Use articles in sentences? The huge “if” is whether or not Peyton is healthy enough to play. If he can, you don’t replace a known asset with a question mark. However, the Painter/Orlovsky combination of mediocrity isn’t exactly the future. Take a project and have Peyton develop them for the future.


April 28, 2011

Dear Carolina Panthers,
Don’t take Cam Newton. You aren’t going to the playoffs whether you draft him or not. And you have much larger needs, especially on defense. When Jon Gruden asked him to randomly name a play set they ran at Auburn, he froze. It was Palin-esque. Steve Smith is out the door and drafting Cam won’t raise his spirits. Go for a free agent QB (eventually) and start rebuilding. Or draft Mallet, Dalton or Kaepernick in the second and develop them.

P.S. Draft!!!

Knicks/Celts Game 2

April 20, 2011

Carmelo Anthony closed last night with 42 points and 17 rebounds. The last Knick to have 40 points in the playoffs? Ewing in 1990. Last night underscores why the Knicks gave up so much to get ‘Melo. Not because he can score, but because you can’t win without multiple stars. If either Billups or Stoudemire were available, the end of that game would have looked very different. The Celtics wouldn’t have been able to double ‘Melo thirty feet from the basket and you wouldn’t have to rely on Jared Jeffries for two late buckets.

Knicks/Celts Game 1

April 18, 2011

Even with a loss, Knicks fans should be pleased with what they saw in Boston last night. New York hasn’t won a playoff game since 2001 and they were a couple calls a three from ‘Melo away from stealing a win on the road against the superior Celtics. What you saw last night was a competitive game and the Knicks playing actual defense, a concept that is foreign to D’Antoni teams. That being said, Billups is “very doubtful” for Game 2, and going down two games to a team that’s experienced in the playoffs isn’t the best position to be in.

Glad ‘Mel-o-rama is finally over, but even more glad he landed on the Knicks. Despite “reassurance” from NBA insiders, after LeBron-a-thon last year, there’s no trusting anyone, including Chris Broussard. I love Gallo, but you give up what you have to to get a top 5 player in his prime. Analysts (and Knicks alike) have been saying all season that basketball is back in New York; I want to see the Garden rocking again like Ewing and Starks are on the floor.

Before the trade became official, the Carnegie Deli had already announced they are launching the Melo Sandwich (roast beef, pastrami, bacon, salami, plus the trimmings on rye) for $21.95.

Back to football. The Saints released Jeremy Shockey today. He was once every Giants fan’s favorite, but due to many injuries and an overall attitude problem (part of the attitude that fans loved to see on the field) he was shipped out for second and fifth round draft picks. In typical Shockey fashion, Jeremy said, “whoever gets me it’s going to be a steal.” Doubt it will happen, but the Giants have a void at backup tight end…

Vick Factor

February 17, 2011

Vick Factor (not a show on Fox). In a statement yesterday, Michael Vick canceled his appearance on Oprah set to air later this month. The guy’s clearly not getting quality advice; an Oprah endorsement could almost fully exonerate the him in the eyes of the Real Housewives of the Midwest. Although, it’s doubtful he’ll ever be on the short list to judge the Westminster Dog Show. Apparently, owners of the Vicktims of Vick’s dogfighting wanted to be heard on O’s show, so Vick scrambled. Meanwhile, Vick was franchised by the Eagles this week, which guarantees him an average of the top five highest paid QBs in 2010. In completely unrelated news, “#GoodLuckChrisBrown” was trending in the US on Twitter during the Grammys this weekend; how quickly some forget.

Faux Bowl

February 1, 2011

The Pro Bowl this past Sunday was barely recognizable as a sporting event, yet it was watched by over 12 million people, the highest in 11 years for the NFL. It amazes me that many people could watch that nonsense football game for more than a couple minutes; the SAG Awards had more intensity. The highlights were even boring. The “battle” between the offensive and defensive lines had zero intensity; tackling was an afterthought. Every other major sport has made adjustments to their All Star games to draw interest and despite the ratings, it’s time for the NFL to do the same. But don’t go the way of the MLB and give the game meaning; why risk injury? Just embrace the lack of intensity and make it entertaining. Add a skills competition, make the game a 7-on-7, have captains pick teams a la NHL. Just don’t call the Pro Bowl football.


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